Nina Worthe

Nina gave this to me as a gift. I absolutely love the colours and the subject matter. It hangs in my home in a position where people can see it immediately they enter the house. For me, it combines a sense of simple joy and frivolity and ridiculousness. The message is not to take life's troubles too seriously and to relish the moment you are in. And of course, I love cats!!!

- Cathy Wernick

Absolutely beautiful, you captured the essence of my zoe as if you knew her forever while you have you only met her a couple of times.

- Susan Venter

I got it, and it is even more beautiful than I imagined it would be! Thank you, so very much! Got something in my eye again! You captured Rugby's sweet nature perfectly......and the kind note you enclosed is something I will keep, also, along with my other remembrances of her. I love the colors in the drawing......

Hubby thinks the drawing is amazing, too, and thought it was very special of you to do this for us--he put the digital one on his I Pad as his wallpaper..... I will be finding a special frame for this beautiful picture......Bless you......

- Jean Copley

My sister kinda manages to capture a person's soul.

- Kari Smit